Future Plans

Baltimore Downtown Restoration looks to once again make the Victoria Opera House community center. The Opera House not only will have screen and stage productions, but permit conferences, meeting , weddings, recitals and religious events. We hope to develop a Community Theater Program, Children’s Theater Program, after school activities including creativity building, art, music, dance, literature and MORE!

Many communities have found opportunities to convert since screen historic theaters into multi-use space for a myriad of other uses. The Victoria Opera House can provide a unique atmosphere conducive to many entertainment and cultural activities. The community activities may include:

Dance Performances

Symphonic and Chamber Music

Youth and Family Oriented Programming

School Programs : Music, Drama, Speech etc.

Chorale Performances

Live Theater





Jazz and Big Band Music

Cultural and Ethnic Performances

Public Speakers, Conferences and Workshops

Cinematic Film

Fundraising Opportunities for Non-Profit Organizations

Business and Civic Meeting

Art Installations

Weddings, Gatherings, Meetings and Reunions